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Office Automation & Data Storage
Medical, Life-Sciences & Dental
Home & Lifestyle

Manufacturing Capabilities

We at Ge-Shen Group see ourselves as part of the global supply chain for various industries. In positioning ourselves as part of the overall global supply chain, we see benefits in being represented in more than just one capability. We continue to look for additional capabilities and want to position ourselves as a comprehensive engineering services and component manufacturing group.


We strive hard in achieving total customer satisfaction through manufacturing high quality products on-time, constantly improving business processes through strong mindset and meeting standards of quality. We reflect highest ethical standards in our relationships with customers, employees, factories and stakeholders.
Design Engineering Services
Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Prototype Parts
Metal Stamping
Sheet Metal Fabrications
CNC Machining
Plastic Injection Moulding
Mould and Tool Fabrication
Coating and Surface Finishing
Assembly Services

Latest News

What Is CMT Welding and How Is It Similar to MIG Welding? - Welding can be defined as a fabrication process that utilises high heat to melt and join materials, commonly metals or thermoplastics together. In other words, it is basically a joining process that involve the manipulation of material phase from solid to liquid… Read More »
Large tonnage injection moulding machine added to Hanoi facility - We are proud to announce that a unit of the 1100 tonne injection moulding has arrived and in the process of commissioning in our Hanoi, Vietnam factory. With this addition, we will be able to serve customers in the Hanoi region for… Read More »
Medical injection moulding with certified ISO-13485 facility in Johor, Malaysia - In our pursuit to offer better assurance & services in medical injection moulding to our customers, we have pursued to and are now certified ISO-13485 in our plastic injection moulding facility (‘Ge-Shen Plastic (M) Sdn Bhd’) in Johor, Malaysia! We have for… Read More »
Management Discussion & Analysis 2019: A Summary - An extract of the MD&A for 2019. Full version can be found here. In the ongoing evolution of GSCorp from a single manufacturing site specialising only in injection moulding in Johor Bahru to a multi-site, multi capability manufacturer capable of providing manufacturing… Read More »
Laser cutting in metal fabrication - Why Laser Cut metal? Laser cutting can dramatically decrease lead times and reduce material scrap while maintaining tight tolerances.  It can also reduce costs by eliminating the need for some secondary processes.  Unlike stamping, laser cutting does not require tooling and offers… Read More »