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Manufacturing as a contract manufacturer for our customers since 1988, we continue striving to integrate modern technology and manufacturing capabilities in injection moulding, metal fabrication and assembly services to meet our customers’ needs. We at Ge-Shen Group provide many critical parts and services to our customers in the the global supply chain for various industries. Ge-Shen is equipped with all the resources, facilities, machinery, tools and people for precise and quality product manufacturing.

The number of business sectors we serve includes audio, medical & life-sciences, industrial applications, office automation and data storage, home & lifestyle, beauty, and many others. All customers from various industries find satisfaction and fulfilment of their needs with Ge-Shen Group.


As a contract manufacturer, it is our responsibility to deliver extraordinary, innovative, and high-quality manufactured products to our customers. We have multiple resources, capabilities, and solutions to facilitate the needs of our customers.


We strive hard in achieving total customer satisfaction through manufacturing high quality products on-time, constantly improving business processes through strong mindset and meeting standards of quality. We reflect highest ethical standards in our relationships with customers, employees, factories and stakeholders.

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