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What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing method that involves laser cutting, turret punching, folding by bending or press brake, welding, painting or powder coating and assembling sheets of metal. Typically sheet metal fabrication is used for large form-factor products – for example enclosures, chassis, cabinets, brackets etc.

Laser cutting, folding by bending or press break, welding.
Spray painting, powder coating
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What type of materials used in our metal fabrication?

We have experiences with wide range of material including the following:

  • Aluminum (A5052, A1100 etc)
  • Stainless steel (SUS 301, SUS 304, SUS 316L etc)
  • Bronze (C5210, C5191 etc)
  • Mild steel
  • EG
  • Copper (C1100)

Sizes and tolerances we are used to

Our machines have capability of processing sheets as thin as 0.3mm, up to 22.0mm for mild steel and 16mm for stainless steel. Our largest table size for bending is 3000MM so we can process materials and sizes of up to 3 meters, equipped with 5-axis functions.

With over 20 years of sheet metal experience, we have been manufacturing for customers who demands a variety of quality finishes and tolerances. For instance, laser cutting have tolerances of +/- 0.1mm, fold to hole of 0.15mm, bend angle of +/- 1 degrees and burr of maximum 10% of thickness.

Metal fabrication machine
Metal fabrication machine

About Demand Options Sdn Bhd

Demand Options was established in 1997 and currently has a suite of metal fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting and metal stamping processeses and secondary processes like welding, powder coating, and assembly services. Demand Options is a subsidiary of Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad.

About Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad

Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad ( is a contract manufacturer that specializes in plastic injection moulding, sheet metal fabrication and assembly services in 3 locations across South East Asia. GSCORP has years of experience helping product owners bring their ideas to life. Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad is listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

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