Celebrating 13 years of injection moulding in Hanoi, Vietnam, Ge-Shen introduces a new 650 tonne machine

A new 650 tonne injection moulding machines arrives in Ge-Shen Vietnam, bringing total machines to 46.

Humble beginnings

Ge-Shen Vietnam Co. Ltd incorporated on the 30th June 2006 had humble beginnings of having only 10 machines for the provision of injection moulding services.

It wasn’t smooth sailing all the way – in 13 years the operations moved twice. The first to downsize, back in 2010, as demand wasn’t as large as earlier anticipated. But this time – the second time, the move was with much better sentiments, as demand increased.

Having operated in extremely challenging environment in the past, the management team has learned valuable lessons on how to operate in Vietnam. These experiences, which cannot be bought, ultimately forces the management culture to be lean. Ultimately, the team has also learned the universal need to listen to its customers and make specific and concentrated efforts in improving its services to be THE solutions provider.

Responding to the need to scale, in anticipation of growth potentials in the Hanoi region, and the need for improved facilities to make significant overall improvements, the senior management of Ge-Shen took a bold decision to acquire a piece of land and build a new manufacturing facility.

From 30 injection moulding machines to 46 in Vietnam

Ge-Shen Vietnam acquired a new land in the same industrial estate – Dai An Industrial Park in the Hai Duong province of Hanoi – measuring 16,008sqm in size. Upon the completion of the acquisition of land, efforts were immediately put in place to begin construction and renovation. The complete shift over to this new site was completed in September 2018. Now, Ge-Shen Vietnam has 10,759 sqm of manufacturing space and is capable to increase further machines for future growth.

Having moved to its new facility, it quickly acquired 8 more injection moulding machines in 2018. This June, its first injection moulding machine investment in 2019, is 650 tonne injection. This is the second 650 tonne machine for Ge-Shen Vietnam and is now operational.

Having settled down from the initial move for almost a year now, Ge-Shen Vietnam is expected to make further improvements to its facility in the 2nd half of 2019 . This is to improve its manufacturing flow and storage space. This will be accompanied by further targeted investments in injection moulding machines to increase specific capacities to meet future customer demands.

Injection moulding and more

The facility in Vietnam has still un-utilised manufacturing space, suitable for more injection moulding, other components manufacturing and assembly services.

Depending on specific customer requirements, it is prepared to continue investing in further, whether in injection moulding machines or assembly lines, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Ge-Shen hopes to continue providing excellent manufacturing service to its customers in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Its vision is to be THE solutions provider via its dedicated efforts in providing engineering solutions and contract manufacturing services.

Ge-Shen welcomes any potential customer enquiries for new projects.

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