Metal Fabrication using the CNC Press Brake Machine and Its Advantages

Understanding Press Brake in Metal Fabrication

Press Brake is an important process in any metal fabrication manufacturing. Press brake machine as the name suggests, is a pressing machine commonly used with a set of punch and dies to fabricate various types of sheet metal. Categorised by its means of exerting force, there are several types of press brakes that include, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-electric. Nowadays, due to the advancement of hydraulics and control system, hydraulic press brake machines are currently the most opted for in the sheet metal industry.  

Metal fabrication press brake

The basic parameters that governs a press brake machine are the force or tonnage and its working length. The machine’s working height, stroke length, distance to the back-gauge and crowning are the additional control parameters. Back in the days prior to the development of complex control systems, these parameters required an experienced and highly skilled operator to manually set and tune based on the product requirements. 

Why use a Computer-Numerical-Control (CNC) Press Brake in metal fabrication? 

  1. High Flexibility, Low Setup Time – On top of its ability to automate and integrate with advanced robotic bending system, CNC press brake machines offer high flexibility with low setup times. Taking advantage of its immaculate control systems of the back-gauge distance, bend angle and stroke length, the control systems can be used to register and record the type of bends and its required setup parameters, enabling the setup of multiple bends using the same machine. Essentially a product be formed from a flat sheet metal to its final shape just from a single setup.  
  2. Advanced Crowning System – Greater Consistency and Repeatability – Also known as the ‘kayak or canoe effect’, this is a condition that commonly occurs in high-tonnage press brake applications. The term ‘kayak’ refers to the deflection of the beams and table during the press sequence. Crowning is a fine-tuning process required to offset and equally distribute the forces of the press brake. Instead of using shims or grinding the bar to manually offset the deflection, the system compensates this effect by measuring the deflection and generating the opposite forces or “curve” necessary to ensure that the ram and table are parallel during bending. This allows for a consistent bend angle along the products bend line. What was previously an intricate and time-consuming process, are now simplified allowing for greater consistency and accuracy. 

Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities: we have 10 press brake machines

Currently we have a total 10 press brake machines with 4 of them being CNC press brakes. Combined with our years of experience in process, fixtures and tooling design, we serve a wide range of high-precision sheet metal fabrication services at a competitive pricing. A glimpse of our bending capabilities includes: 

  • Maximum machine tonnage of 110 tons 
  • Bending length of up to 3000mm (122 inches) 
  • Material thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 6mm (0.012-0.25 inches) 
  • Complex forming: lower tooling cost and quicker turnaround 
  • Bending tolerance of up to +/- 0.25mm 

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