Code of Conduct for Ge-Shen Group Employees

1. Background

1.1. Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad and its subsidiary, namely Ge-Shen Plastic (M) Sdn Bhd, Polyplas Sdn Bhd, Demand Options Sdn Bhd and Ge-Shen Vietnam Co. Ltd., (“Ge-Shen”) is subject to this Code of Conduct.

1.2. All companies and employees are subject to the policies and procedures of the respective entities and Ge-Shen, local laws, Laws of Malaysia, the Malaysian Corporate Liability Act 2018 and the anti-bribery laws in Malaysia.

1.3. Pursuant to MACC Act 2009 and subsequently MACC (Amendment) Act 2018 which will be effective starting 01/06/2020, stated that corporates entity and individuals including director, partner, employee, agent, contractor, third party can potentially be prosecuted for giving or receiving bribes.

1.4. Section 17A of MACC (Amendment) Act 2018 amongst other require an organisation to have adequate procedures designed to prevent persons associated with the commercial organisation from committing the offence.

1.5. The corruption or bribes actions of an ordinary employee and its persons associated with commercial organisation either in Malaysia or in another country will have an impact on the company engaging the employee and Business Associates as well as on officers, members of senior management and directors of Ge-Shen.

2. Scope

2.1. We expect that all person associated with Ge-Shen or on behalf of Ge-Shen to act in accordance with the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour.

2.2. All individual working for (“Employees”) or in connection with us and where relevant, third-party independent contractors, agents, agency staff, consultants, vendors, suppliers of goods and services and related parties (“Business Associates) are subject to the Code, in addition to all other applicable policies or standards established by Ge-Shen and the local laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

2.3. As a matter of practicality, the Code cannot possibly cover every policy, procedure and industry guideline. We expect all Employees and Business Associates to apprise themselves of all relevant information that may apply to their job functions. We also expect all our Business Associates to have adequate procedures in combating corruptions and bribes and conduct business practices with ethics and integrity.

3. Code of Conduct

3.1. The Code amongst other cover on the following five key principles:

3.1.1. Our Objective, Philosophy, Sustainability and Culture
Growing Together is our objective and mission. Our core culture principles of Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Respect and Speed continues to guide our growth and maintain our success. Ge-Shen has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and all other illegal or unethical behaviour. Ge-Shen is committed to ensuring equal opportunity on the basis of merit and to ensure a safe working environment that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

3.1.2. Our People

Employees are expected to lead by positive example and to observe the rule and spirit of the Code and Laws either on or off the organisation’s premises or they are can be seen to be representing the organisation. Ge-Shen is committed to conducting its business in a way that upholds the safety and well-being of its Employees, customers, Business Associates and the environment. This means that everyone’s behaviour contributes to an incident-free and injury-free workplace wherever we operate. Ge-Shen collects, uses, discloses and retains personal data in accordance with the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and applicable data privacy laws in other relevant jurisdictions. Employees and Business Associates should use personal data only to perform the duties which are part of the job and should not share personal data internally or with external third parties, unless authorised to do so. Ge-Shen will support its Employees to acquire the right skillsets and mindsets so that they make decisions in the best interests of Ge-Shen, our colleagues and our customers. All Employees and, where relevant, Business Associates must undergo regular training.

3.1.3. Our Customer

We are focused on building trusted and lasting relationships with our customers based on mutual respect, active partnership and long-term commitment. Treating our customers fairly is integral to providing excellent customer service. Ge-Shen is committed to protecting customers’ information and using it appropriately, in accordance with applicable privacy of customer information, privacy and data security laws and regulations. Unauthorized use and abuse of customer information or relationship is strictly prohibited. All Ge-Shen employees are subject to non-disclosure to outside parties, non-competition and non-circumvention during the tenure of their employment and shall not personally, directly or indirectly benefit from whatsoever information or relationship with the customer. We must always use reasonable care and judgment to prevent, to avoid and to address proactively circumstances that threaten or appear to threaten our professionalism, independence and objectivity. We should never place ourselves in a position where our ability to conduct business in an ethical manner may be or appear to be compromised, or where our action(s) may violate the law or Ge-Shen policies and standards.

3.1.4. Company Property

Employees and, where appropriate, Business Associates must keep business information confidential at all times. This includes outside the workplace and working hours, and even after the departure of the Employee or the end of the engagement with Ge-Shen. The users are expected to apply good security practise, prudent use of information technology, ensure accurate records, comply with record retention and proper handling and disposal of records in soft copy or hard copy format.

3.1.5. Our Organisation

All Employees must seek to protect Ge-Shen; never engage in insider trading; avoid conflicts of interests; accept, give or reject gift and entertainment according to the Code; reject & prevent bribery and corruption; no facilitation payment; no kick-backs, no fraud; no political donation; no violation in competitive pricing; only designated person allow to communicate with external parties; never involve in money laundering; at all times complying with all laws and regulations; and proper selection, awarding and monitoring of our Business Associate.

3.2. Employees and Business Associates who suspect or become aware of the existence of wrongdoing, corruption, fraud or possible violation of law, regulation or policy within Ge-Shen may report such matters to the Whistleblowing channel through e-mail at

4. Non-compliance with the Code

4.1. All Ge-Shen Employees and, where applicable, Business Associates are expected to comply with the law, Ge-Shen’s policy and procedures and this Code. Ignorance of these is not an acceptable reason for non-compliance, so we must all be familiar with the provisions that relate to our work.

4.2. For Employee violating the law, the Code or Ge-Shen’s policy and procedure may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and civil actions being initiated. If applicable laws or regulations are also breached, an official report may have to be made to the relevant authorities and the Employee may be subject to imprisonment, criminal fines or sanctions.

4.3. Business Associates who act contrary to the principles of the Code are liable to have their contract or relationship with Ge-Shen will be re-evaluated and/ or terminated.

4.4. Ge-Shen prohibits retaliation against any Employee or Business Associate who reports any suspected or potential violation of the Code. Protection of whistle blower is of primal importance.

5. Acknowledgement

5.1. The above are simplified version of the Code. The Code can be accessed from All Ge-Shen Employees and Business Associates are expected to read the Code fully.

5.2. By signing below, you are confirming that you have received, read, understand and agree to comply the Code fully.


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