Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Our customers find that getting our involvement during design stage promotes the manufacturability of the product and a more robust design is often the result. They also find that this collaborative approach is one of the best ways to improve engineering productivity and time-to-market because it avoids expensive, time-consuming downstream changes.

Our experience shows that decisions made during the design phase of a project determine 70%-80% of the cost of a new product. More importantly, decisions made in the first stages of a product design could determine the vast majority of the product’s cost, quality and manufacturability. We believe that by our involvement in your product’s DFM, we can assist you to ensure your product’s success and profitability.

With our DFM expertise, in-house tooling and the ability to design, we can help our customers:
  • Verify products and processes
  • Avoid unnecessarily tight tolerances
  • Design tools with easy mouldability, maintenance and consistent quality
  • Evaluate use of alternative materials
  • For Plastics, Mold Flow simulation analysis for a utmost mouldability solutions
  • Prototyping service to cater soft and hard tools to facilitate initial R&D requirements
As a manufacturer, we understand well the challenges of manufacturing. So, whether you are a Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Contract Manufacturer (CM), Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) or a product owner, we believe that we can help you reduce issues by going through the DFM process by involving us in the early stage of your project.

Our team in Hanoi, Vietnam, Penang, or Johor, Malaysia are capable in the DFM process. With our involvement during the design process, we can apply our more than 30 years of Design For Manufacturing expertise and experience to help ensure that your new products can be manufactured in a cost-effective manner. Our team can provide a DFM report for your plastic injection moulding, sheet metal fabrication and metal stamping components.
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