Food storage plastic injection moulding in a 100K Cleanroom and Control room

When dealing with food-contact or food storage plastics especially in injection moulding, safety is of utmost priority! That is one of the reason why a NEBB certified 100K Cleanroom and Control room injection moulding facility is required to protect the food storage products we produce from contamination such as dust, chemical, mildew, bacteria, or other containments that degrades product quality.

Cleanrooms are sealed off from the rest of the facility via kitting rooms and changing rooms. All personnel who work in a cleanroom are required to adhere to a strict standard operating procedures including wearing of shoe cover, suits and hairnet. The cleanroom itself is fitted with technology and equipment to ensure temperature and humidity control, as well as HEPA filters and control systems to ensure optimal & clean air flow in the cleanrooms.

Control room in Ge-Shen Plastic, Johor offers worry free injection moulding for customers in the food storage industry

Control rooms are less stringent but also adopt certain standard operating procedures to ensure product quality. Cleanliness is maintain at the highest level, thereby eliminating the majority of containments that compromise product quality especially for food-contact plastics.  By creating a clean environment for production, we offer our customers a peace of mind.

In Ge-Shen Class-8 Cleanroom in Penang and Johor, a positive air flow is maintained through control systems to ensure particulates compliance with the ISO 14644-1 standard, in particular:

  • There can be 3,520,000 particulates >= .5 micrometers per cubic meter of air.
  • There can be 832,000 particulates >= 1 micrometer per cubic meter of air.
  • There can be 29,300 particulates >= 5 micrometers per cubic meter of air.

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Founded in 1995, Ge-Shen celebrates its 25th year as a precision injection moulding contract manufacturer this year. Ge-Shen has great experience in high-precision, injection moulding for audio products with great emphasis on aesthetics. In recent years, the company started diversifying into different industries with a focus on the medical, life sciences, food, home and lifestyle product sectors. To meet client demand, Ge-Shen has made large investments in upgrading its facilities. Ge-Shen has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified locations across Malaysia and Vietnam. The company specializes in top-of-the-line products at competitive prices.

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