Ge-Shen Adds Liquid Silicon Rubber injection moulding process

With growing demand for liquid silicon rubber, especially in the medical, infant and baby care, electronics and industrial industry, Polyplas, a subsidiary of Ge-Shen has invested in Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) injection moulding capability and is ready to supply LSR products to its customers.

Why Liquid Silicon Rubber?

LSR injection molding provides consistent part quality and consistency as compared to other other elastomers and thermoplastics. It is able to achieve high precision, and if done well, is burr or flash free, direct from the mould.

Silicon rubber is tasteless and odorless, can be sterilized in a variety of methods and can be formulated to comply with FDA requirements. It is naturally resistant to bacteria growth, making it a perfect choice for medical devices and products.

It is durable, and can withstand extreme temperatures, fire resistant, water resistant and chemical resistant, making it very fit for industrial use. Its elongation, high tear and tensile strength, provides flexibility and durability and can be formulated to have hardness range of 5 to 80 Shore A.


Partners in mould making (or tooling)

While LSR is fairly new to us, we have various partners in the industry who has been producing LSR moulds (or tooling) for many years. The tooling they make can be of two types – open nozzles and shut-off nozzles. The choice of which to choose depends on the quality requirement and specific use. Our mould makers produces moulds which can guarantee burr or flash free finished products.

How we can help you

We are able to manufacture any of your LSR products. Whether it is to manufacture high volume and high mix of different parts, and from various industries. We are happy to receive orders for a variety of products including: bottle nipples, electronic products enclosure (for eg. external storage drive), seals and gaskets, valves, watch bands, medical face masks, Laryngeal masks etc.

With our partnership with various LSR mould makers, we will be able to assist you from tooling to mass production from our facility in Penang (including our clean room) within a short period of time and other facilities in Johor or Hanoi, on-demand.

Contact us now to know more about Liquid Silicon Rubber or tell us more about your mass production LSR requirement.

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