Ge-Shen completes new assembly line in Vietnam to meet surge in customer manufacturing demand

Over the past couple of months, (despite the disruptions in supply chain caused by the COVID19 pandemic), our team in Vietnam has worked tirelessly to ensure smooth delivery of manufacturing solutions.

We are proud to be able to help our customer to fulfill their manufacturing needs for final product assembly and packaging. These products are for various markets and shipment to consumers in the US, Europe & Japan.

With the technical support and guidance from our customer, our team has managed to quickly acquire the skills & know-how to deal with PCBA, blades, motor, other various component assembly and final testing. These are in addition to our specialisation as an injection moulding component manufacturer.

Being an injection moulder with assembly skillsets has its advantages – we are able to help our customers, especially those who have a ready product to quickly scale production.

This new journey brings Ge-Shen a step closer towards our Group’s Vision as a “Globally recognized engineering & manufacturing solutions provider”

With over 190 injection moulding machines and 80 sheet metal and metal stamping machines of various kind, various assembly lines, and a passion for manufacturing, you can be assured that you will have quality products when you need them. With the additional investments in new manufacturing capacities, we now have excess capacities and are able to take on more projects. For further enquiries how we can help you with your manufacturing needs, please do contact us here.

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