Having problems with your part?

You may have your ideas designed in 3D, or have your tools ready for manufacturing but have challenges manufacturing them. Transforming a product from design to physical part isn’t easy: we focus on bringing our customers’ ideas to life by combining experiences from different fields to ensure that you get well-engineered manufacturing solutions and a smooth delivery of products to the marketplace.

We have core capabilities in both plastic and metal components – solving all your mechanical problems. We can help you in various ways.

Design for manufacturing

At the DFM stage, we aim to help you resolve as much problem as possible: by analysis and prediction of these problems via experience and advanced simulation. Click here to find out more.


Transfer of toolings / moulds

If you have an existing part which needs help: we accept transfer of toolings and moulds from other source. We will work with your team and fix whatever issues that you are facing by repairing or modifying any issues. Click here to find out more.

Prototyping and testing

Have a product which you would like to have proof-of-concept of? We have helped our customers with working prototypes via soft tooling and sheet metal processes. We have a suite of testing equipment which can help you conduct tests.

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