K2019 exhibitor Ge-Shen’s formula for success – its people – providing excellent engineering / manufacturing service

People are Malaysia-based System Integrator and Solution Provider GeShen’s biggest resource. Highly skilled and committed, they ensure customers’ success.

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – For the exhibitor at K2019, Ge-Shen Corporation (exhibiting under the name Polyplas Sdn Bhd), its greatest resource is its people. Human capital is not just an empty word for Ge-Shen, it is the core of its business ethos and being constantly filled with life – in everyday business, in each and any internal process, in every business activity, in every project being undertaken for its customers. Providing excellent manufacturing service to its customers is no easy task – Ge-Shen today provides services ranging from the early stage of a product development – design for manufacturing (DFM), tooling design and fabrication, to the ever challenging manufacturing services in injection moulding, metal fabrication and assembly.

Thus, Ge-Shen believes in holistic development of its people. This is not just grey theory, it is how Ge-Shen lives business. Ge-Shen is committed to developing each employee to his/her full potential. The focus is on personal development and continuous learning. Ge-Shen uncompromisingly strives to build a collaborative environment where employees learn from their mistakes, develop their skills and their personality. Apart from all the differences – there is the greater and common goal that is to grow together as a team and as a family.

Ge-Shen lives its culture of integrity, transparency, ownership, speed and respect. As a publicly listed company where corporate governance and transparency requirements ensure that the company is managed on a rule-based system, Ge-Shen is able to focus on growth and maintaining its success as well as that of its customers.

Diversity is not a goal, but already reality. Employees from different races, different countries, different levels of education and totally different backgrounds all join in the common goal, of growing together and thus giving customers the highest level of quality and providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Ge-Shen’s people – the foundation of its manufacturing success, are eager and life-long learners, striving for knowledge and wisdom. Individually, normal people, but together, they work selflessly with intrinsic motivation and natural unity as a team. They are innovative in providing solutions, aiming to provide total customer satisfaction even under difficult circumstances and challenging conditions.

Therefore Ge-Shen is well-prepared and ready to master the challenges of manufacturing successfully. Ge-Shen Corporation is located in Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, with three locations in Penang, Johor and Hanoi in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has a global sales office in Singapore – a truly Southeast Asian company, offering state-of-the art solutions on a global scale.

Ge-Shen is ready to meet the increasing demands of today’s business by not only investing in manufacturing technology – it has successfully launched its Digital Transformation Programme. A lot of focus has been put on modernizing its back-end making it pioneers in smart manufacturing in the region.

Be it plastic or metal components, or complete assembly services, – let Ge-Shen Group be YOUR Solution Provider. 100%, 360 degrees, 24/7 – trusted, certified, innovative, committed.

Visit us at K 2019 in Hall 8b / H70 (booth name of subsidiary POLYPLAS SDN. BHD)

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