Management Discussion & Analysis 2019: A Summary

An extract of the MD&A for 2019. Full version can be found here. In the ongoing evolution of GSCorp from a single manufacturing site specialising only in injection moulding in Johor Bahru to a multi-site, multi capability manufacturer capable of providing manufacturing… Read More »

Plastic injection moulding: clear transparent parts

We wrote about the high quality, appearance parts especially for housing, cover & enclosures. Today we will touch a little on injection moulding for clear transparent plastic parts. Clear transparent plastic parts are used in various end-products like lighting, medical devices, medical… Read More »

Concerned about your supply chain and how COVID-19 will impact on your business?

It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 related lockdown in various countries have affected global supply chains. Just as many economies are re-opening, there has been many talks about “the second wave”. Please be assured that the Ge-Shen team, in every… Read More »

Ge-Shen completes new assembly line in Vietnam to meet surge in customer manufacturing demand

Over the past couple of months, (despite the disruptions in supply chain caused by the COVID19 pandemic), our team in Vietnam has worked tirelessly to ensure smooth delivery of manufacturing solutions. We are proud to be able to help our customer to… Read More »

The heros of Ge-Shen group have begun work

We would like to give a big shout out to all our employees who have begun work, some as early as April and some this month. Our frontline employees have been working tirelessly during this period to fulfill some very important orders… Read More »

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