Ge-Shen Group’s LSR Demo Product

There is a learning curve in understanding and adopting new technology. There is also no shortcut to experience. We believe that learning through the development of our own demo product is the best way for the team to get hands-on experience and… Read More »

Looking for graduates from the Mechatronics discipline to join us!

We are looking for graduates from the Mechatronics discipline to join us. The job location will be in Johor. As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we are opening several positions for candidates to be part of a transformation team that is… Read More »

Having problems with your part?

You may have your ideas designed in 3D, or have your tools ready for manufacturing but have challenges manufacturing them. Transforming a product from design to physical part isn’t easy: we focus on bringing our customers’ ideas to life by combining experiences… Read More »

Trade dispute and Shifting to a Southeast Asia Manufacturing base

The whole world is watching as the US and China confront each other on the issues of trade and tariffs and companies shifting their manufacturing base to Southeast Asia. In March 2018, the United States began making moves to slow Chinese imports… Read More »

We are a Southeast Asian based contract manufacturer

Southeast Asia manufacturing base

Ge-Shen Corporation is a contract manufacturer located in Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and factories in three locations: Penang, Johor and Hanoi in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has a global sales office in Singapore. We are truly Southeast Asian,… Read More »

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