Plastic injection moulding: Housing, cover & enclosures

Product finishing signifies end-product quality

First impression counts. Vanity of all vanities, our customers tell us that having good product finishing helps them sell better. There is no doubt that good looking products improves branding and product placement in stores. We have over the past 30 years been involved in the manufacturing many high-end housing, cover and enclosures which includes (but not limited to):

  • Home audio covers, which are high-gloss mirror finished;
  • Sound bars front and back enclosure, which made from a variety of resins, including glass fiber filled (up to 30%!), V0 (or flame-retardant) and hairline-texture;
  • Headphone housing units including parts which are 50% glass-filled;
  • Transparent high optical grade covers;
  • External hard-disk drive enclosures which are high-gloss with hot-stamping finishing;
  • Spray-painted finishing including 2K paint (two coat) paint for high-end fans.
  • Other finishes like temp printing, silk screening, hot stamping or hot foil.

Of course, not all housing, cover and enclosures are appearance based, we have also made a variety of products which more critical on dimensions and durability than appearance, for example:

  • Printer cartridges and covers;
  • Industrial grade, high-impact, Nylon wheels.

Experience and quality in appearance

Consumers want products that not looks good but is durable as well. For product owners, having products which are of good quality and meets all functional requirements is essential and has high correlation to the success of a product. We have years of experience in helping our customers make sure that their products become a success when they launch and continue to be successful in years to come and subsequent products.

We have developed internal quality check mechanism to ensure that quality standards are met before products are shipped out.

High quality surface finishing products

Precision engineering plastic

Manufacturing quality products is not just having injection moulding machines and resins put together. Many other aspects is important: having a good set of tooling, strong production processes, experienced team, the right equipments, and most importantly, good management systems which put them all together.

Why manufacture your housing, cover & enclosure with Ge-Shen?

  • We manufacture all your products according to good manufacturing standards (ie. ISO 9001).
  • Medical manufacturing / medical moulding and clean room moulding according to ISO 13485 standards (where required), including 100K clean room environment (where needed).
  • For moulds manufactured by us, we conduct thorough Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and/or if you provide the moulds to us maintained in tip-top condition to ensure consistent quality.
  • RoHs and Reach-compliant

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