Polyplas adds an ISO Class-8 certified Clean Room for Injection Moulding

PENANG, MALAYSIA: Polyplas Sdn Bhd (www.polyplassb.com), a custom plastic injection moulding and assembly services company has announced that it has received certification for its ISO Class-8 (FED STD 209E – 100K) clean room for the purpose of injection moulding and related manufacturing services.

“We are pleased to announce that we have just completed an ISO Class-8 (FED STD 209E – 100K) clean room in our manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia. This clean room has been developed specifically for injection moulding and supporting processes such as assembly, laser marking, ultrasonic welding, etc. We decided to develop and certify this clean room to meet the increasing requirements from our customers in the medical, precision electronics, aerospace and biotech industry. We are always investing and searching for new ways to better serve our customers and we believe that this clean room will bring added value for them.”

– Polyplas Sdn Bhd

Polyplas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad, has manufactured plastic components for over 30 years and has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing medical components and disposables with ISO-13485 certification. Currently, Polyplas manufactures for some of the biggest names in the industry, equally able to meet the different requirements for medical devices and consumables. With the added certified Class-8 100K clean room, Polyplas believes that it is able to provide its customers parts with significantly reduced risk of contamination by dust and other particles.

Clean room injection moulding

This certified clean room complements the existing control facilities at Polyplas, it has been carefully designed to take advantage of the experience gained in many years of manufacturing. A closed loop heat exchange actively manages dissipation of waste heat from the new electric Arburg injection moulding machines which prevents any turbulent air currents due to fans and hence less dust. Furthermore, raw materials and packaging are separated from the clean room to ensure less risk of contaminants.  The clean room is also flexible enough to operate additional processes such as laser marking, ultrasonic welding, sub assembly and printing in one line. 

Clean Room Injection Moulding

Polyplas looks to expand its customer base in the medical industry with the clean room certification and welcomes any new enquiries for its services.

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