Socially responsible observation of the Movement Control Order

Regardless of the challenges, inconveniences and distressing situation, we believe that it is only socially responsible for us to be observant of the government’s announcement of the Movement Control Order.

We are asking everyone, including all employees, to stay at home and practice social distancing to avoid infection of Covid-19. By being at home, we further reduce the burden of our national heros, be it police, doctors etc, who are are out there risking their lives to ensure social order.

In aid of the severely affected by the virus, we shall be starting a fund to help employees badly affected by the shutdown. For those interested to contribute to this fund, kindly email to with your contribution amount. Aside, Ge-Shen shall also be immediately allocating a fund of RM10,000 to aid any employee directly impacted by the virus.

We sincerely wish for the quick recovery of those affected and the end of the outbreak as soon as possible.

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