Plastic injection moulding: clear transparent parts

We wrote about the high quality, appearance parts especially for housing, cover & enclosures. Today we will touch a little on injection moulding for clear transparent plastic parts.

Clear transparent plastic parts are used in various end-products like lighting, medical devices, medical consumables and dental products, cosmetics, food storage & packaging, lenses and consumer electronics. These products typically have similar requirement: good transparency, good light transmission and sleek & clean looking.

Experience and quality in appearance

Typical clear transparent plastic part defects (apart from regular dimensional requirements) include silver streak, bubbles, flow marks, gas marks and black dots. We deploy various methods to ensure such defects are eliminated using our scientific moulding process, including, mold-flow analysis and simulation, adherence to material technical data sheet (TDS) guidelines, good manufacturing processes and clean environment.

We believe that having years of experience in producing clear transparent plastic parts for various applications, we are able to help our customers launch successful products into the marketplace.

Why manufacture your clear transparent plastic parts with Ge-Shen?

  • We manufacture all your products according to good manufacturing standards (ie. ISO 9001).
  • Medical manufacturing / medical moulding and clean room moulding according to ISO 13485 standards (where required), including 100K clean room environment (where needed).
  • For moulds manufactured by us, we conduct thorough Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and/or if you provide the moulds to us maintained in tip-top condition to ensure consistent quality.
  • RoHs and Reach-compliant

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