We are a Southeast Asian based contract manufacturer

Ge-Shen Corporation is a contract manufacturer located in Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and factories in three locations: Penang, Johor and Hanoi in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has a global sales office in Singapore. We are truly Southeast Asian, a melting pot of over 1,300 headcount, of different ethnic background and speak multi languages. Ge-Shen provides contract manufacturing services, especially in plastic and metal components along with assembly services.

Being a Southeast Asian contract manufacturer with location across three cities provides Ge-Shen competitive advantages against its peers: it is able to provide not only geographical diversification but also uncompromising services to its customers in areas of supply chain and sourcing capabilities, technical expertise, scalability and financial stability. Although we are multi-locations, we are still ONE company and customers have options where they want their products manufactured.

Ge-Shen Group specialises in design, development and technology-driven manufacturing. Ge-Shen Group is YOUR solution provider for innovative mould design, metal fabrication, stamping, injection moulding of plastic and liquid silicon rubber, surface finishing and assembly. Being able to serve many business sectors including automotive, medical and life sciences, consumables, industrial applications, consumer electronics, office automation, home appliances and aerospace, Ge-Shen Group is YOUR one-stop manufacturing solution.

Multi locations, multi experiences, multi capabilities: that’s who we are. We combine the best practices that we learn as a contract manufacturer in each site across Southeast Asia and strive to implement the best in service to our customers.

Striving for absolute and uncompromising customer satisfaction, Ge-Shen Group continually invests in technical capabilities, automation, infrastructure and human resources. Clients come first – providing them with innovative and uncompromising quality services is at the core of Ge-Shen Group’s business ethos. Delivering long term sustainable value-creation to their clients, the community and all relevant stakeholders – that is what Ge-Shen Group stands for – past, present and future.

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