Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturers

Ge-Shen Groupis plastic injection moulding manufacturers Malaysia, specializing in the process of injection moulding and manufacturing plastic products for various industries. We offer a variety of services for plastic injection moulding, from high precision moulding to 2K moulding. Our aim is to manufacture the plastic items that satisfy the demands of our clients and reach up to their requirements.

What Is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding is the manufacturing process of creating products by injecting molten materials into a mould. Most commonly, injection moulding is used to produce plastic parts and items, known as plastic injection moulding.

We can manufacture a variety of products with the help of plastic injection moulding, which may be different in size, shape, complexity, application. For this process, we need the injection moulding machines, thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers, and mould cavities.

The process of injection moulding sounds easy and straightforward; however, in the application, it is a complex process. The plastic is treated through the heated barrel of the injection moulding machine, where it melts and becomes liquid. Then, this melted plastic is injected into the mould cavity, where it cools, hardens, and solidifies as the mould.

Process Cycle Of Injection Moulding

The whole cycle of injection moulding process consists of the high-pressure injection of raw melted plastic into a mould. It has four stages:

Clamping Stage

The mould cavity has two halves, secured with a clamping unit. Injection moulding machine has a fixed mould half, while the other half can slide. During injection, the hydraulically powered clamping unit presses the two halves firmly and exerts force to close it.

Injection Stage

In the heated barrel, the raw plastic material, usually as pallets, melts by heat and pressure, which then goes into the injection unit. Through a quick and fast process, the molten plastic pours into the mould cavity, where it packs and holds the position. The liquid plastic flows and takes the shape of the mould, while the mould halves clasp together.

Cooling Stage

In this stage, the molten plastic stays inside the mould to cool down; it starts to get cool as soon as it makes contact with the mould cavity. After cooling down, the plastic solidifies and takes the form of the mould. Once the cooling time elapses, then the mould is opened. The cooling time can vary with the type of plastic used and the maximum wall thickness of the product.


Lastly, after the cooling time has passed, the ejection of the moulded plastic happens. Through the ejection system, attached at the rear end of the mould, the plastic part is pushed out of the mould cavity. Some force might be applied to get the part out of the mould. Once the plastic part is ejected, the mould shuts firmly again.

After these stages, trimming and scrapping of plastic part occurs to get the final product.

Applications Of Plastic Injection Moulding

Currently, plastic injection moulding is the most common method to produce plastic items. This process helps in manufacturing large volumes and mass production of the same objects.  Many things, such as bottle caps, storage containers, household appliances, wire spools, tables, toys, automotive parts, and most of the plastic products are created with injection moulding. 

As plastic injection moulding manufacturers Malaysia, Ge-Shen Group offers a variety ofinjection mouldingservices in Malaysia.


  • Advanced Unigraphics 3D NX for mould design and CAM Programming.
  • AutoCAD 3D Design for sheet metal, tool and die

  1. Design for Manufacturability “DFM”
  2. Mould Flow Analysis “MFA”
  3. Test Mould T0, T1 and T2
Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturers
Plastic Injection Moulding
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