Clean Room Moulding

We offer ISO Class-8 (FED STD 209E-100K) injection moulding services in both our Penang and Johor plant.

What is Class 100K Cleanroom Moulding?

Also known as ISO-8 or Class-8 or simply 100k Cleanroom, Class-100K cleanroom basically means that means the clean room is certified to have less than 100,000 particles at ≥0.5 μm size per cubic foot. 

How to maintain Class 100K?

Dust control! Humans are the largest individual source of dust and hence appropriate clothing is a must, for example smock and cap. Environmental dust and other sources of dust can be managed through process control (for example, no carton boxes inside the cleanroom, periodic cleaning of interior and furnishings).

However the most important control is related to how air is handled in the clean room. The most common thing one would think about a clean room is filtering dust and contaminants. In fact, filtering is only the first step, properly building and maintaining a clean room requires lots of engineering work beforehand.

Designing a Cleanroom

The most important part of a cleanroom is how air is handled.

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