Metal Stamping Malaysia

As metal stamping parts manufacturers Malaysia, Ge-Shen Group offers the metal stamping Malaysia services and provide metal stamped parts, ensuring high-quality. With the support of modern technology and expert professionals, we transform the steel coils into metallic components for the industries.

What Is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is the manufacturing process of converting metal sheets into different shapes with the help of dies and stamping presses. It involves a number of processes to form the metal into the desired shape.

Metal stamping is a low-cost and fast manufacturing process to produce large volumes of same metal components. Metal transformation occurs through various procedures.

Metal stamping referred to as pressing as well, involves the placing of flat metal sheets called blankets, into metal stamping press. The stamping press uses a die surface and tool to transform the metal into the desired shape. Several techniques are employed to shape the metal, such as punching, blanking, embossing, coining, bending, and flanging.

The metal is placed between the die section to be stamped and pressed. With the use of pressure, the metal sheet will take the shape of the die and convert into the final product. Metal stamping machines alsodesign tooling and programs while using engineering technology. These machines can stamp, cast, punch, cut, and transform the metal sheets.

The transformation of metal sheets occurs with precision,accuracy, and repetition. Multiple pieces of a single object are created together during metal stamping Malaysia.

Types Of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping has the following types of operations:

Deep Draw Progressive Stamping

Deep draw progressive stamping involves the placement of the blanket of metal sheet into the die for blanking and punching to form the new shape. This method is known as a deep draw because the depth of the drawn component exceeds its diameter.

This stamping operation benefits when the manufacturing of the parts that require multiple series of diametersis needed. Also, this method is cost-effective for processes that need to use more raw materials. It helps in manufacturing products, such as automotive parts, utensils, aircraft components, and cookware.

Precision Metal Stamping Malaysia

Precision metal stamping Malaysia streamlines the process of metal stamping by automation of the metal conversion process. In precision metal stamping, the measurements of the final products are more accurate and precise than any other stamping method.

Mostly, this stamping benefits the manufacturing of small parts due to precision. It offers high-quality and control of the desired product. Smaller components require high accuracy for the creation of the finest parts.

Applications Of Metal Stamping Malaysia

The application of metal stamping is various and involves surface engraving and three-dimensional designs. It helps in manufacturingautomotive parts, aerospace components, medical equipment, household appliances, and electronic components. The stamping also supports the production of simple items, such as metal clips, washers, and springs, to complex designs. Both the transformation of large components and fine smaller parts is possible through metal stamping process.

Advantages Of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping has several benefits to offer. Some of the advantages are low cost, high-level of automation, precise and accurate process, faster production, and a large number of products.

Ge-Shen Group has expertise as the metal stamping parts manufacturers Malaysia. Contact for further details.


  • Deep Drawn Progressive Stamping
  • Precision Stamping

  • Participation in DFM proposal during initial stage.
  • Capable project team to ensure smooth project development till mass production.
  • Well equipped measuring facilities to ensure quality specification compliance.
Metal Stamping Malaysia

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