How can we help you manufacture your product?

Manufacturing a product is never easy.

However, with years of experience and expertise from many different fields, we aspire to make it as easy for you – OUR customer – to manufacture YOUR product.

We combine the best in all fields – engineering, tooling, design, supply chain, production, quality & logistics – and work as ONE team to help YOU manufacture YOUR product.

Our production facilities are in Penang, Johor (both in Malaysia) and Hanoi, Vietnam. We have hundreds of machines in various production processes, ie. injection moulding, sheet metal and metal stamping and also provide assembly services.

Engineering Focused Contract Manufacturer

We like to get involved in the early stages of your product development, hence have a team of engineers who can assist on design for manufacturing. Apart from reviewing your product designs in 3D, we have in place technologies which assist us in simulation – for eg. mold-flow analysis for injection molding processes.

Materials play a big part in the overall quality of products. With thousands of materials available in the market, it may sometime be confusing to customers on material selection. Furthermore, materials play a major role in overall part costs. Thru our experience, we are able to assist in material selection to meet quality requirements and cost expectations.

Tooling / Moulds, Jigs and Fixtures are the most important things which determine smooth production of parts during mass production. We not only have in-house tooling capability, we have engineers who can help optimize and maintain tooling to ensure production stability and tooling longevity.

Validation process for medical customers and customers who require them, gives assurance of product quality. We have the capability to do validation – Installation Qualification (“IQ”), Operational Qualification (“OQ”) and Performance Qualification (“PQ”) to establish documented evidences and assurance that our manufacturing processes is able to consistently meet the desired and determined quality.

With our engineering expertise, Ge-Shen aims to deliver a hassle-free uncompromised experience, letting our customers focus on designing and selling their products.

Why Ge-Shen?

You can be assured of your manufacturing experience with Ge-Shen as we constantly improve ourselves via human capital development and focus on process development with lean management philosophies. All these to fulfill our mission – Growing Together

Our People
We believe in constant development of our already multi-disciplined, multi-lingual people, and multi-ethnicity people so that we can be growing together.

Service Oriented Culture
We believe in being flexible & responsive, providing the best engineering solutions to YOU, our customer so that YOU can focus on selling product in the marketplace. As you grow, we will also be growing together.

Our History
Our roots dates back to 1988, when one of our facilities first started. More importantly, for years we have been growing together with all stakeholders of the Company

Capabilities Development
We believe in reinvesting to increase core manufacturing capabilities and integrating smart manufacturing into our facilities. We seek to either invest when necessary and growing together with our customers requirement.

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