Our Board Charter
Board Charter clearly defines the principal responsibility of the Board and the Board Committees and explains the board processes. The Board Charter has been reviewed and approved by the Board in February 2016. The Board Charter will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it complies with the legislations and best practices, and remains relevant and effective in the light of the Board’s objectives. Download
Director’s Code of Conduct and Ethics
The Directors continue to observe the code of conduct expected of directors of companies as set out in the Company Directors’ Code of Ethics established by the Companies Commission of Malaysia, and Group Financial and Corporate Policies and Procedures Manual to ensure implementation of appropriate internal systems to support, promote and ensure the compliance of the Directors’ Code of Ethics and Conduct. Download
Board’s Fit and Proper Policy
Ge-Shen Group desires honesty from and among our employees and vendors. The presence of honesty allows for complete dedication to our mission and success. We promote transparent structure and effective, clear communication. Download
Terms of Reference of Nomination And Remuneration Committee
Terms of Reference of Audit & Risk Management Committee
Remuneration of Directors and Senior Management
Suitability, Objectivity and Independence of External Auditors
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