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“Wonderful experience where I was given immediate responsibility to plan and implement a broad range of projects to improve current operations. Friendly working environment and mentor to guide and teach me as well. Being part of the strategy and monitoring team, I have also learnt about the manufacturing industry from the management point of view. In general, great experience if you are enthusiastic about the manufacturing industry.”

YEN JIN, MALAYSIA BEng(Hons) Engineering with Business Finance, 2016 – University College London (UCL)


“At Ge-Shen Group, I’ve learned a lot about the design and development of plastic injection moulds, NPI, Project Management and Customer Engagement across the Ge-Shen group. Coordinating operations across Ge-Shen’s various operating companies is a valuable experience, and I’m glad to be doing my part for Ge-Shen Corp’s growth. We are working on futuristic projects that look into how market evolves and people’s needs impacts our businesses so that we can plan for the future. It is also a pleasure for me to learn from a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds and experiences.”

KUMARESAN NANDAKUMAR, INDIA MSc. Mechanical Engineering, 2016 – National University of Singapore (NUS)

“Working at Ge-Shen Group has unequivocally influenced my personal and professional accelerated growth in the sheet metal manufacturing industry. Under the support and guidance of a very experienced mentor, I was given the opportunity to learn and get countless of hands-on experience from various background. Alongside my generous and motivating colleagues, I look forward to contribute and be part of this ever-expanding company.”

AMINUDDIN BASIR, MALAYSIA BEng, Mechanical Engineering – University of Sheffield, UK

“Customer Service is not just a department; we represent company’s image as we are the frontline to safeguard, to upkeep and to promote the good reputation of the company. Being part of Ge-Shen Group, we work together as a team to make our dreams come true.”

JOYCE OOI, MALAYSIA Customer Service Manager

Ge-Shen Group strives for an industry leader with engaged and competent people. A career at Ge-Shen Group will allow you to realize your dreams. We offer the “Right People” equal opportunities for growth and assuring rewards for exceptional performance.

Time to time, Ge-Shen Group has opening positions for highly motivated person who wants to build the career and achieve personal success in manufacturing. We open doors for those who are committed to achieving results. We invite energetic team players who have the drive and motivation to be part of a dynamic and fast-growing company.

The success of our company depends on its people. Being an industry leader, our company is committed to developing employee to his/her full potential. Our focus is on personal development and continuous learning.

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